First research cruise on R/V Shelf

In the summer of 2006 a first geophysical and hydrographical survey was carried out in the Bornholm Basin in the framework of the MERCW project.

The marine survey consisted of two legs: a first leg (12.07-17.07) dedicated to magnetometric investigations, and a second leg (18.07-29.07) dedicated to acoustic investigations. Hydrographic measurements and sediment sampling were performed throughout the two legs.

The first results are presented in a public Cruise summary.

Research cruises during summer 2007

Scientific expeditions were carried out during the summer 2007. These expeditions concentrated on detecting the buried objects and taking samples for chemical analyses in the Bornholm Basin.

First cruise took place in 12 June and lasted till 27 June.
Second cruise took place in 24 June and lasted till 5 July.

More detailed information is presented in press releases:

Preliminary results of the cruises

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