Work Packages

The project work plan involves the implementation of 8 linked work packages (WPs):

Project management (WP1)

The aim of the project management is to monitor the overall process of the project and to ensure smooth collaboration of all contractors.

Partner in charge:
Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR)

  • Tapani Stipa
  • Anu Hirvonen

Geophysical investigations and synthesis of prior information (WP2)

Analysing existing data and integrated geophysical remote sensing investigations including seismics, magnetometry, side-scan sonar, electromagnetic and bathymetric measurements.
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Hydrographical, geochemical and biological investigations (WP3)

Acquiring hydrographical, geo- and hydrochemical, and hydrobiological information around the dumpsites (seawater structure and motion, general properties of bottom sediments, presence of toxic compounds).
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Modelling of migration of toxic compounds and breakdown products (WP4)

The findings are analysed together with 3D models of physical processes that control propagation of toxic compounds in the bottom sediments seawater system.
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Bioaccumulation model (WP5)

Development of a generic model for the trophic enrichment of toxins.
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Risk assessment (WP6)

The assessment of ecological risk value (ERV) of the modelled risks for marine ecosystems and people.
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Visualization and database (WP7)

Implementation of an innovative visualisation, Virtual Reality technology and interactive data analysis.
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Review and synthesis (WP8)

Construction of documented database and dissemination of project results towards end-users and the public.
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