Geophysical investigations and synthesis of prior information (WP2)


  • Synthesis of the available data and set-up of detailed survey programme
  • Geophysical acquisition: 2D and pseudo-3D seismic measurements, magnetometric and electro-magnetic measurements, side-scan sonar measurements
  • Data analysis and development of an integrated geophysical map of the dumpsites

Partners in charge

Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Universiteit Gent (RCMG)

  • Jean-Pierre Henriet
  • Tine Missiaen

G-Tec (GTEC)

  • Lucien HalleuxRue
  • Francois Renardy
  • Pascal Feller


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In Bornholm over
35.000 tons were
dumped in water
depths ranging
between 70 and 120 m.